Family rest - Aquatic park zone 1 HD 960 Mb

Family rest - Aquatic park zone 1 HD 960 Mb - Naturism is a philosophy of life that involves naked communion with nature. Many people choose this lifestyle to enjoy the freedom and comfort that naked bodies provide. Naturism is becoming more and more popular and more people are discovering this lifestyle every year.
The water park is a place where people can enjoy water games and entertainment.

Family Beach Pageant part 1 - AWWC - 2.12 GB

Studio AWWC has released the first series of their documentary video on a beach beauty contest among nudists. This unique event showcases the beauty of naturism and the freedom of outdoor activities.

The beach beauty contest takes place in a serene sea-side location, where nudists from all over the world gather to participate in various games and activities. The contestants are judged not only on their physical beauty but also on their confidence and personality.

Family Beach Pageant part 2 - AWWC - 2.06 GB

Family Beach Pageant part 2 - AWWC - 2.06 GB.

Studio AWWC has released a documentary video about a beauty contest on the beach among nudists. The event is one of many held as part of the naturism movement, which promotes naturalness and freedom from clothing.

On this beach, located on the seashore, the participants held various games and fun in the open. They enjoyed the freedom and comfort that goes without clothing. All participants were equal, no one stood out for their clothes or status. Everyone was just people enjoying life and nature.

One of the main events on the beach was a beauty contest among nudists.
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